Simon Flachsbart

Simon Flachsbart
My name is Simon Flachsbart.

I’m a senior consultant for industrial solutions.

My aim is to solve complex problems with lightweight solutions.



The following table illustrates my professional experience:





My career started with an apprenticeship as an electronic technician.
It was the first year, where switzerland provided to finish the apprenticeship with key aspect in software development, what I decided to do.After the apprenticeship I worked some more month for the same company.


Administration plattforms

After the mandatory time in the army, I started as an developer for administration plattforms. This company was specialized on plattforms for the government, as well as for financial and insurance companies.

University of applied sience

I started the university of applied science in software development. This was an evening school, why I could still work 32 hours a week.


Security access solutions

After some experience with web development I decided to go back to hardware applications, as a software architect.
In the new company I built a ticketing system for a start-up customer. This included an entrance controller for ski lifts, wellness areas etc. such as the plattform to administrate tickets and subscriptions and the communication between them.

Mobile technologies

I decided to choose mobile technologies as major field of study. This included the mobile data transportation, such as Blutooth, WiFi, GSM, UMTS etc. from physical to protocol layer, as well as mobile application development.


Industrial solutions

As my company was specialized in industrial solutions, I started with building communication and information systems for manufactoring companies. This included track & trace and observation of machine data and its transport and the connection between several systems and services. Further the management tools were fed with it and the planning data was written to the machine to provide order and production information.


Business Certificate

In early 2011 I finished the university of applied science with a certificate in economy (including marketing, technology and innovation management, strategy management, finance).

Process optimization

To serve customers with a very special and founded knowledge, the company decided to bring up a portfolio focused on process optimization systems for manufacterer.
The portfolio was built to transfer order and planning data to the and logged data from the machine, to provide process information, such as efficiency, manufactoring data and downtime analysis.


CAS Project management

In 2013 I completed successfully a CAS in project management.


Company overtake

In 2014 my company has been overtaken by a bigger software house. But our solution have still been provided by an own division.


ISA 95 Certification

To provide solutions in a industrial standardized way, I passed a ISA 95 certification.

Kanban Certification

This certificate enables, me to coordinate a team in a process focused way (ref. Kanban in IT).


Business consultant

In 2016 I started working for a big swiss consulting company, as a senior consultant for industrial solutions.

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